Election Information

For full information, please see under Isthars - Posters above

Election will be held on 21st April 2019 at
Ramgarhia Community Centre
270 Neville Road
London E7 0QU

Programs in
April 2019


Arumbh Akhand Path on

Friday 12 April 2019 at 9:00am

Bhog on
Sunday14th April 2019
at 9:00am

Nishan Sahib Sewa at 11:00am

Guru Ja Langar will be served continionously


All the services offered by the Gurdwara

Anand Karj - Weddings
with civil marriage

Kurmai - Engagements

Akhand Path

Sehaj Path

Sukhmani Sahib Path

Amrit for new born

Funeral Service

Major Gurprubs and
other Religious Days

Sri Gobind Singh Ji Parkash Ustav

Arumbh Akhand Path on

4th January 2019 at 9am

Bhog on 6th Janurary 2019
at 9am

Guru Ja Langar will be served continiously

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