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The Ramgarhia Panjabi school is one of the oldest Panjabi school in East London and commenced life in March 1982 and recently celebrated 36th anniversary.

The pinnacle years in the school history was 1999-2001 when there were approximately 460 children on roll and a waiting list of 120. Since inception, the school has served over 2500 children and nearly 980 have passed their GCSE examinations.

The school is located in a purpose built building at 231 Plashet Road, Upton Park, London E13 adjoining the Ramgarhia Community Centre on Neville Road, London E7. It is a four story building with seven classrooms, an assembly hall, computer room, library, staff room and school office.

This Saturday morning school currently has close to 160 students on roll learning the Panjabi language, religion and culture, divided among
six classes, ranging from the age of 6 to 16. The school has a stict uniform policy to promote ethos and discipline. The religious and cultureal performances by the children are well documents within Newham and the neighbouring boroughs.

The school has a remarkable record for offering a Panjabi language teaching syllabus up to GCSE level. The school's GCSE results have been very impressive. For the past 28 years the children have been achieving 93% pass rates in A* to C grades ( normal language school achieve around 65%). The school always affords religion and culture equal status to the teaching of Panjabi.

The school was involved in a research project in June 2016 in conjunction with the University of East London in bilingual skills. The project was very successful and resulted in the confirmation of the following:

Confirmed good quality of teaching and learning

Confirmed good standards of resource and teaching staff

Identified many best practices in teaching and learning

High profile community language provision in Newham

Safe bet for parents to send their children

Positive feedback from children and parents

The school has been successful because of the teachers who have demonstrated full commitment and dedication. A number of teachers have been with the school between 25 to 34 years. The school has an active PTA group that provides support in library, computer room and in creating termly newsletter with contributions from the children. The school regularly welcomes volunteers from the local universities to enrich and support the learning experiences.

Operated under the umbrella of the Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara, the school has long history and it has been organised on solid foundations with a constitution, policies and procedures all designed to conduct its business effectively.

The school has continuously received positive feedback from parents, children and the visitors. The school staff and management are committed to providing purposeful and enjoyable learning experiences for the young.

For further information, please contact the main office