Asa De Vaar Kirtan

Daily from 7am

followed by Guru Ka Langar

Sukhmani Sahib Path

Daily from 11:00am

followed by Guru Ka Langar

Rehras Sahib Path

Daily from 6:30 pm then Kirtan and shughasan seva

Kirtan Sola and followed by Guru Ka Langer

Istri Sabah Satsangs

Every Saturday from 1:30 to 3:30pm

Also every Tuesday from 12:30 to 2:30pm

both followed by Guru Ka Langar


First Smagam started from 1984 of Sukhmani Sahib JI. This Smagam is in June every year. 9 Sukhmani Sahib paths for 7 days (24x7)

Second Smagam is of Japji Sahib and this is in September every year. This year is was 9 Chaupie Sahib paths for 7 day (24x7).

Third Smagam is of Chaupai Sahib and this is in February every year.
It will be 9 Jap Ji Sahib paths for 7 days (24x7). Anyone interested in doing rawl for any of the above smagams, please contact the main office.

Langar Sewa is also available during all the above smagams.


Baba Miah Singh Ji came and requested that Sadh Sangat to celebrate Puranmashi every month. Since then Puranmashi is celebrated
to this day with great enthusiasm, and all Sewa is voluntary.

Purnmashi is held every month on the due date.

Bhog of Akhand Path, followed by Aarti, Kirtan and Guru
Ka Langar


Arumbh of Akhand Path and bhog on day of Vaisakhi followed by

Kirtan, Nishan Sahib seva and Guru Ka Langar

To Inquire or discuss any of the above programs
please visit or call the main office